WWE News: Vince McMahon No Longer Interested In Being An On-Air Character, Reportedly Was Furious After ‘RAW’ Birthday Celebration

WWE chairman Vince McMahon was arguably the greatest heel in the history of professional wrestling. He was the adversary to WWE’s most popular star of all time, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and his character, Mr. McMahon, was one of the most entertaining characters of the last 20 years. However, it looks as though Vince is no longer interested in being a weekly character on WWE television, and, in fact, he doesn’t want his name being brought up at all in WWE’s weekly television shows.

In the closing segment of last week’s RAW, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon decided that they would publicly celebrate Vince McMahon’s 70th birthday. The moment was completely unscripted, and both Stephanie and Triple H suggested that Vince wasn’t going to be happy about the “happy birthday” portion of the segment, and, according to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, both Triple H and Stephanie’s assumption was right on point.

“I’ve got a scoop; so, [Triple H and Stephanie] were right, Vince was mad when they came out and decided that they were going to sing ‘happy birthday.’ Vince doesn’t want any of this s**t anymore. Vince loves being the center of attention, but not like this. So, they did go off-script and sing ‘happy birthday,’ that’s why they were so full of glee.”

Alvarez also explained that part of the reason why Vince was so frustrated with Triple H and Stephanie deciding to go off-script, and sing “happy birthday,” was because the show was running long, and he just wanted them to get through the final segment in a timely manner. But, the birthday celebration extended the segment, which didn’t make Mr. McMahon happy.

One of the biggest reasons why Vince is no longer interested in being an on-air character is because he believes that there really isn’t any point. He believes that, because he’s now 70-years-old, there’s not much to get out of his character, as he can’t, or doesn’t, have the interest to get in the ring and wrestle anymore.

Some have suggested that Vince will eventually come back for a power struggle storyline with Triple H and Stephanie, but, apparently, that doesn’t interest the WWE chairman. For the time being, Vince is much more interested in staying behind the camera and directing the show.

So, at 70 years-old, it’s extremely likely that Vince will never wrestle another match in WWE. If that’s the case, his last match will have been against CM Punk on the October 8, 2012, episode of Monday Night RAW.

[Image via Ethan Miller / Getty Images]