What Will Ariana Grande’s Return To Acting Mean For Her Music Career?

Ariana Grande will return to her former profession in the upcoming TV series Scream Queens before appearing in Zoolander 2. Ariana Grande isn’t a stranger to acting. Before she was a singer, she was a star on Nickelodeon. She only stopped her TV roles last year.

Grande has stated that, although she likes to act, singing is where her heart is. She’s currently performing on the Honeymoon Tour in support of her last album. Grande caused much controversy during the tour, including dating her backup dancer, licking unpurchased donuts, hating America, and being criticized for just looking too young by Wendy Williams.

Coming back to acting may be a welcome transition from all the drama that seems to follow her in the music industry. Ariana Grande may even find better receptivity to her future endeavors if she follows Zoolander 2 with more big screen appearances.

Ariana’s acting was her entry point into the entertainment industry in the first place. Focusing on major release movies could bring Ariana to the next level as a celebrity and take her above all the other divas competing for territory in pop music. It’s questionable whether Ariana could still reach the younger audience demographic that watched her on Nickelodeon. I doubt everyone in that audience is old enough to take to the more mature sound and look Grande parades around with since her last album.

Besides touring, Ariana Grande is preparing her third album, along with a track for an album Disney is producing. Grande’s third album is titled Moonlight, recalling the name of her current tour. As for where she will be a year from now, it will probably all depend on how well her Zoolander 2 performance is received. There’s no doubt Ariana’s next album will be successful, if her vocal talent is anything to go by.

As for how she got back into acting, Ariana told Extra how she ended up on Scream Queens.

“I didn’t really plan on it. It just sort of all fell into place, and I feel like after doing these couple of episodes, I’m sort of, like, wanting to do a little bit more now. I miss it so much.”

And since Ariana is always dressed to impress at industry events, as Hollywood Life depicts, Zoolander 2, a movie poking fun at the fashion industry, is the perfect way for her to make her big screen debut. She’s sure to play some well-dressed fashion empress. Whether TV, movies, or music — or donut shops — Ariana Grande stays on top.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Republic Records]