Juelia Kinney Still Angry With Samantha Steffen, Maintains Joe Bailey Is 'Not A Good Guy'

Viewers apparently won't see be seeing Juelia Kinney patch things up with Samantha Steffen on the season finale of Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. During an interview with Willamette Week, posted on Friday, Juelia admitted that she's still hurt by what Samantha did to her involving Joe Bailey. Juelia also maintained that despite what Joe wants the public to believe, he's not a good person.

Juelia said that she and Samantha were "very good friends" prior to the spin-off. They were such good friends that they went on two vacations together and "talked almost daily at some points."

As for Joe, who apologized last week on the After Paradise show for how he treated Juelia and has maintained via his social media accounts that he's the victim of editing, Juelia warns that Joe really is such a bad person.

"Joe is just not a good person. And he can try to apologize now to the media, but I know who he is."

Samantha and Joe's betrayal of her led Juelia to question whether she should be so trusting of people.

"I really did think she [Samantha] was my friend. It makes me scared because I'm like, I was fooled by my friend. I was fooled by this guy. Like gosh, I need to check out myself! Maybe I'm too trusting."

Juelia also maintained that the show wasn't staged at all. She said that she had no idea of the drama that she would encounter.

"No. I had no idea. I really didn't."

Upon Samantha Steffen's arrival to Bachelor in Paradise, viewers were informed that she and Juelia Kinney were good friends, after having met on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor. When Samantha immediately made a beeline for Joe Bailey, who had wooed Juelia prior to Samantha's arrival and went out on a date with him, Juelia was left hurt and confused. Juelia, not wanting Joe to hurt her friend Samantha like he did her, tried to warn Samantha, but Samantha wouldn't hear it. When it was revealed that Joe had wooed Juelia simply to get a rose so he could wait for Samantha's arrival and that the two had communicated for weeks prior to filming, Samantha and Joe became the "villains" in the eyes of the majority of the rest of the contestants and viewers.

Unfortunately for Joe, Samantha later decided that they didn't have a romantic future. As recapped by Us Weekly, on Sunday night's episode, she gave her rose to Dan Cox instead, sending Joe home. When Joe confronted Samantha about her decision, Samantha said that she was tired of the drama surrounding their relationship. On the limo ride away from the group, Joe showed the camera the text that Samantha had sent him telling him to do whatever it takes to stay on the show until her arrival.

As the episode aired, Joe also tweeted the text.

Samantha's decision to send Joe home made her an even bigger villain in some people's eyes, including Juelia's.

"Not only do I not know who she is, but I don't want to know."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Samantha Steffen has apologized for how she behaved on the show.

For now on Bachelor in Paradise, Juelia Kinney is attached to Mikey Tenerelli, who was brought back to the show following his elimination after Juelia asked host Chris Harrison if there was any possibility of his return. Will the single mom with a tragic backstory find love with Mikey or someone else on paradise? Viewers will find out when the season finale airs on Tuesday, September 8.

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