‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 7 Spoilers: Tony DiNozzo’s LA Visit And Callen’s Search For His Family

Is it possible that Callen’s past might become just a bit less mysterious in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 7? All signs are pointing to yes, though with every tidbit revealed about G. Callen comes even more questions – and it’s likely that will continue to be true.

The end of NCIS: LA Season 6 saw the team travel to Russia, and while there, Hetty told Callen that his father was dead. She even directed him to the cemetery where he was buried, and Sam watched as Callen visited his father’s grave. After a brief stop at the café where Arkady told Callen his father frequented, Sam and Callen left. If they had stuck around a bit longer, they would have witnessed a man sitting down with an espresso and a certain coin and realized that Callen’s father is alive.

Now, in the Season 7 premiere, “Active Measures,” Callen will be going rogue and embarking on a secret mission that leaves the rest of the team in the dark – but on Hetty’s orders, his operation must be shut down and it’s up to the others to find him. According to TV Guide, that all happens three months after the Season 6 finale, with executive producer Shane Brennan revealing just what this move means for Callen getting answers about who he is.

“The very heart of what this show is is Callen’s search for his family. We are stepping closer and closer to finally giving Callen closure.”

The EP also revealed that “someone from [Callen’s] past (whom we’ve met before) returns with a piece of information that Callen is ‘hell-bent’ on looking into,” and his choice to go rogue puts him in different positions with Sam and Hetty.

“It puts him in a fairly difficult position with Hetty. It puts him in a very, very difficult position with Sam – and as a result, puts him in a difficult position with the rest of the team. We’ve never seen Sam or Hetty in this position with Callen before. We’ve had situations where he’s gone off the grid, but there’s some pretty interesting conversations between Callen and Hetty and Callen and Sam about loyalty and being informed about what’s happening.”

In other words, things are getting off to a tense start for the team, but things will likely be back to normal by the time NCIS’ Michael Weatherly appears as Tony DiNozzo in the seventh season of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Brennan told TVLine that it starts with “a classic DiNozzo moment in which he’s in Los Angeles to pick someone up from an airplane and, goodness me, they’re not there. He’s about to be in serious trouble with his superiors, so he needs the help of our team in L.A. to find the person he was supposed to pick up.”

Back when the L.A. team was introduced, Tony was actually one of the team members who stayed behind while Gibbs and McGee flew across the country, so he hasn’t been on screen with this team just yet. (Since then, Vance has appeared in several episodes, and Abby flew out to help with a case.) Another crossover between these two shows has been a long time coming.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 7 premieres Monday, September 21 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

[Image via CBS]