Chris Wallace Trounces Jeopardy Power Players By A Lot (VIDEO)

Chris Wallace does his best to combat the “injustices” of the liberal media on Fox News Sunday, but served up a round of humble pie on another program, unceremoniously trouncing BBC’s Katty Kay on the game show Jeopardy! on Wednesday.

At the closing bell, the Fox News host boasted $22,400 compared to BBC World News America host Katty Kay’s dismal $8,000. The third contestant, Dr. Oz host Dr. Mehmet Oz, came in last with $5,900. Chris Matthews, another liberal media figure, played on Monday finishing dead-last with a paltry $2,300. This, combined with the sad showing Wednesday against Wallace, prompted one conservative columnist to quip, “And liberals claim they’re the smartest. Ha!”

The Jeopardy! Power Players match was all in good fun, as contestants tested their knowledge base against each other in the name of charity. Wallace took home $50,000 for his favored charity, Hope for the Warriors, an organization that supports members of the military and their families who are affected by either serious injury or death in the line of duty.

Monday’s show featured former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, who beat contestants Lizzie O’Leary of CNN and the aforementioned Chris Matthews of MSNBC. Tuesday had CNBC anchor David Faber, who beat basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and another former press secretary, Dana Perino (a conservative). Thursday will see a showdown between Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, NBC’s Chuck Todd, and comedian Lewis Black.

My money’s on Black.

It’s a good thing that these media-heads chose to compete on Jeopardy! How else are we supposed to tell what news outlets are trustworthy?

In any case, congratulations to Chris Wallace and his charity, who are the real winners here. Here’s a video highlight of the trouncing.