Toddler And Gorilla Peek-A-Boo At The Zoo Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today

The video of a toddler and a gorilla playing peek-a-boo at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, is getting lots of attention and is also the cutest thing you’ll see this Monday.

Sherry Chute hasn’t taken her son, Isiah to the zoo for years. The last time the boy saw animals close up, he was an infant and couldn’t really understand any of it. However, when he went back, he made a new friend and the video of the toddler and gorilla is precious.

Protected by a safety glass, Isiah thought the gorilla on the other was just like any another of his friends, and since he was sort of hiding behind a tree trunk on the display, a game was in order. The family had stopped at the Congo Expedition area Thursday, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

That’s when Isiah spotted a familiar animal. Mom asked him what it was called, and he said the name correctly and started pounding on his little chest to imitate the primate.

“He was just looking at the gorillas and we said to him ‘Isaiah what do the gorillas do?’ and he started pounding his chest,” Sherry said.

The animal — who has been at the Columbus Zoo since 2013 and is named Kamoli — noticed, and with the boy on one side and the primate behind the glass, the toddler and gorilla peek-a-boo game went on for the next five minutes. As if the gorilla and child were both humans, they looked at each other for a moment, then started running back and forth.

Isiah’s mom caught a video of her adorable toddler and the gorilla playing peek-a-boo like it was the most normal thing.

“It was a really fun interaction. Isaiah is just like that. Anyone who knows him knows that he’s super playful.

“It was so fun to see him interact with the animals and know what they were. He was just so truly blissful in that moment, it melted his mommy’s heart.”

After the toddler and gorilla peek-a-boo game was over, the two new “friends” parted ways, mom said. As they left, Isiah said “Bye gorilla” and walked away, leaving Kamoli to play with the rest of his fellow gorillas in their display.

As is common these days, hundreds have watched the adorable toddler and gorilla play peek-a-boo game, after Isiah’s mom posted the video on Facebook. Sherry’s friends have left comments excited that the boy is now “famous.”

[Image via Facebook]