‘Destiny: The Taken King’ Launch Trailer Pumps Led Zeppelin, King’s Fall Raid Launch Clarified

Destiny: The Taken King launches in two weeks, so what better way to build the hype than a launch trailer blaring Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog? The song may not exactly fit a science fiction romp through a dark evil’s giant space fortress, but PlayStation and Xbox players should keep an eye out on some of the new gear and weapons coming their way.

Bungie is playing up the massive space battle cutscene that takes place between Oryx’s Dreadnaught and the Awoken fleet. This has been a major part of the developer’s and Activision’s promotion of The Taken King expansion. There’s likely much more to the cutscene than what is shown. Hopefully, Bungie has kept the most stunning bits under wraps for launch.

The inclusion of cutscenes is being used to tell more of the Destiny story this time around, after players complained of the sparse storytelling from the first year of the shooter. We see not only the space battle in the trailer, but also scenes involving the Vanguard, Oryx on Phobos, the Awoken Queen, and more. As a bonus, this trailer is narrated by Lance Henrikson (Aliens, Terminator), who plays Commander Zavala in the game.

Sharp eyes will spot much of the new equipment from Destiny: The Taken King, including new Exotics and possible raid gear that involves a helmet made up like a Wizard’s head. Seriously. Check out the image gallery below for screen captures of the trailer showing the new weapons and armor.

Meanwhile, Bungie clarified some confusion around the launch of the King’s Fall Raid for The Taken King. As reported in the Inquisitr yesterday, the raid will not be available on the same day Destiny receives its next expansion. The developer made clear in the following tweet that this is not because it is not ready as some had speculated.

In other words, Bungie is offering Destiny players the chance to run and grab the best guns and armor they can find before taking on King’s Fall. It will have the added bonus of ensuring everything is stable with the game following the release of the 2.0 update and launch of The Taken King.

Destiny: The Taken King will launch on September 15 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The 2.0 update will launch the week before on September 8.

[Images via Bungie, Destiny / YouTube]