Ryan Seacrest Buys Ellen DeGeneres’ Beverly Hills Mansion For $39 Million

Talk about keeping it all inside the Hollywood family. Ryan Seacrest this week took over ownership of Ellen DeGenere’s huge Beverly Hills estate.

The title to the home was officially transferred to Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday. Ellen had listed the home on the open market with an asking price of $49 million, although sources have confirmed that Seacrest paid just under $39 million to take over the 9,200 square foot home and its surrounding property.

So what exactly does nearly $40 million buy the American Idol host, radio personality and TV producer? The home covers an entire city block, sitting on nearly 3 acres of land. Aside from the 9,200 square foot main house there are also three other homes on the property and the gym is said to be the size of a large health club. Also, can you say awesome pool!

In the meantime it isn’t exactly like Ellen DeGeneres was downgrading the value of the property by accepting an offer for $10 million less than the asking price, she had purchased the main house from Will and Grace producer Max Mutchnick for $29 million and then bought up the surrounding properties for considerably less.

For Ryan Seacrest he could literally have chosen to pay cash for the property after he raked in a whopping $59 million last year. In fact Ryan’s popularity has skyrocketed so much that rumors have claimed he could be building his own TV network among other multi-million dollar deals that will likely be announced in the near future.

I personally could not see myself living in a home that involves walking an entire city block just to get over to another part of my property. Segway anyone?