James Franco Verbally Fights ‘New York Observer’ Columnist Over “Petty Writing” Argument

Actor James Franco is currently writing a series of columns for the Huffington Post but apparently his choice in topics has riled New York Observer writer Drew Grant who wrote in his own column that Franco’s decision to talk about New Orleans ghost tours seemed rather “petty” when he could be discussing politics.

Grant specifically wondered outloud why Franco chose his “petty” topic when he could be discussing President Obama’s recent support of gay marriage.

In a respond posting on the Huffington Post on Wednesday James Franco slammed the New York Observer for being a “newspaper owned by Donald Trump’s son-in-law that is perhaps best known for publishing a sex column in the mid-1990s.”

Franco then explains that he didn’t feel the need to talk about President Obama’s gay marriage support because there was already “enough talk” about that subject. Franco then rightfully proclaims:

“Plus, who wants to hear an actor’s take on it anyway?”

Franco then turns around the “petty” argument, asking why “the great journalists at the New York Observer” are, “instead of covering pressing world issues, … covering my writing, which they claim to consider petty.”

I personally have to agree with James Franco as there is not a day that goes by where someone doesn’t leave a comment on Inquisitr that reads along the line of “with the economy in the gutter you are seriously going to write a story about a celebrity?” As if the only topics we should be allowed to report upon involve doom and gloom and politics.