‘Longmire’ Season 4 Full-Length Preview Revealed [Video]

The time is finally here, and Longmire Season 4 is coming to Netflix on September 10. This show almost didn’t make it, but Netflix picked Longmire back up and fans couldn’t be more excited for the 10 episode Season 4. TV Line shared that the Longmire big full-length season four preview is finally here. Make sure you check out the preview to see what to expect when the show returns.

Season 3 of Longmire ended with Branch Connally appearing to have either shot his father or being shot by his father. This cliffhanger was one reason viewers begged for Longmire to come back again, and not just end without any closure. Walt also finally knew who had murdered his wife, and this appeared to be turning this Longmire character dark, which will be an interesting twist for sure.

The preview clip shows Walt going into the casino, and it is obvious that he is ready for a fight. Henry is standing by his side through it all. The big Longmire spoiler in this preview is that Branch is still there, obviously proving that he survived whatever gunshot happened at the end of Season 3 of Longmire. The show would just not be the same without him.

The upcoming season of Longmire will focus on Sheriff Walt Longmire giving into those dark impulses and he will be seeking revenge. According to USA Today, this season will also be about second chances. The clip that they shared shows Walt trying to shoot down an airplane, but Henry does everything that he can stop him from taking it that far. Henry knocks Longmire to the ground, and his gun flies out of his hand as he immediately lands a punch on Henry’s face.

Next, these two tussle for a bit, as Henry explains to Walt Longmire that he is just helping. Walt can’t reach his rifle, but instead Longmire grabs another gun out of his holster, saying he will just use it instead. Next, Longmire goes on to say that he planned to shoot the pilot when the plane landed and not while it was in the air.

Don’t miss the upcoming season of Longmire when it starts airing on September 10 on Netflix. As soon as it is released, you will get the chance to watch all 10 episodes of Season 4. Are you excited that Longmire gets another chance? Sound off in the comments.


[Picture Source: Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images]