WWE News: WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose Comments On Missing WWE NXT

There’s something in the water in WWE NXT that makes wrestlers not want to leave. Finn Balor, the current NXT champion, has already gone on the record as saying he doesn’t want to be promoted to the WWE’s main roster. Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Samoa Joe, and Rhyno have made appearances on NXT, but not WWE Raw or WWE Smackdown.

Dean Ambrose is another guy to comment on the success of WWE NXT and had an interesting thing to say about if he missed it or not.

“I kind of miss that whole NXT thing. When I was there it was Florida Championship Wrestling with Seth Rollins and the other guys who were there. I wrestled on like local access Florida TV in front of 30 people. It was a tiny little situation. I felt like we were distanced from the rest of the company. We felt we were on an island that WWE didn’t even know we existed. That gave us the chip on our shoulder. That gave us the motivation when we got there and the attitude we needed to take over WWE when we did. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It’s great for those guys. Now they don’t have to worry about being on an island wondering if anyone knows them. They have their own TV show every week. They get to go on tour and travel. They get to be their own brand. It’s like a whole other brand of WWE. It’s just like a shoot-off of Raw or SmackDown.”

Ambrose told Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald that statement and it wasn’t surprising to say the least. The WWE main roster is much different than WWE NXT. That’s an obvious statement, but simply watching all WWE programming can easily showcase the difference between the two wrestling shows.

NXT is mostly about telling the stories inside the ring. Rarely does a weekly episode have long-winded promo battles. The last lengthy segment was Kevin Owens and Finn Balor. Along with the contract signing between Bayey and Sasha Banks, wrestling is the focus of the show.

For WWE Raw, that’s where the storylines are drawn out and solidified for the upcoming pay-per-view. It’s always been a show about the angle taking place. WWE Smackdown does a good job of extending the angles and letting the talents have more time in the ring too. Guys like Dean Ambrose are excellent wrestlers, so it makes sense for him to miss the quaint, small place like WWE NXT.

[Image via dailywrestlingnews.com]