Sergei Kobozev: ‘Deadly Devotion’ Profiles How Russian Mafia Broke Boxer’s Neck, Buried Him In Shallow Grave,

The murder of Sergei Kobozev, a U.S. Boxing Association cruiserweight champion, will air on a new episode of Investigation Discovery’s Deadly Devotion. Sergei Kobozev’s story hit national news headlines in 1995 when he disappeared just after losing a boxing match. Interest in his story increased when the former boxer’s skeletal remains were found in the backyard of a member of the Russian Mafia four years later. Natan Gozman, Alexander Spitchenko, Alexander Nosov, and Vasiliy Ermichine were all arrested in the man’s savage murder, according to an old New York Post article.

Arriving in the United States in 1990, the muscular boxer knew he wanted to make a name for himself in America’s boxing world. He did just that, as he gained respect for several victories. Community members and the boxing world were shaken to the core when Kobozev abruptly disappeared in 1995. All sorts of rumors swirled about what could have happened to him. One rumor, which turned out to be true, was that Brooklyn boxer Sergei Kobozev had managed to anger the Russian Mafia.

A tipster finally led the FBI to the New Jersey home, where his bones were found in a shallow grave. The investigation also revealed that Russian mobsters wanted revenge after Sergei Kobozev went to work as a security guard in an establishment that had previously ousted Alexander Nosov. This action was considered the ultimate sign of disrespect and disloyalty, an act that deserved death, according to the tenants of the Russian mob. Information obtained in a police report about Sergei’s background indicated that he was a former Red Army Captain and was trained as a chemical engineer.

The following is according to Philly.

“The pair took Kobozev, still alive, from New York to New Jersey before a co-conspirator broke his neck, prosecutors alleged. He was buried in the yard of a high-ranking member of the Russian mob.”

Deadly Devotion first aired in 2013 on Investigation Discovery. The show focuses on dangerous subcultures and secret societies that often feature religious sects, secret groups, and self-help gurus. The one thing that makes these subcultures particularly interesting is that their crimes occur right under the nose of suburban America. Also known as Deadly Worlds, Hidden Dangers, the show’s most popular episodes are those that feature Deadly Devotion— Jehovah’s Witnesses, Amish serial killers, Scientology, and murderous Mormons. Tonight’s episode will expose the Mafia’s secret world. In previous Inquisitr articles, we’ve reported on another immigrant related murder involving Lukah Chang and the cold case file of Michelle Yvette Busha, a woman who vanished but was found buried in a shallow grave.

Here is the tease for tonight’s Deadly Devotion episode, titled Mafia Murder.

“Sergei Kobozev, an up-and-coming Russian boxer, immigrates to Brooklyn, NY in the early 90’s with dreams of becoming a world champion. He soon proves he has the talent and determination, so when he goes missing, it’s a total shock to the boxing world.”

An interesting but very old report of his disappearance

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