Teen Finds Finger In Arby’s Sandwich, Fast Food Restaurant Keeps Serving Customers

Does a finger taste good when eaten with Arby’s sauce? One unlucky Michigan teenager found out on Friday when he discovered a human finger inside his Arby’s roast beef sandwich after taking a bite.

14-year-old Ryan Hart tells Michigan Live

“I was like, ‘that gots to be a finger.”

Immediately realizing that he just bit into a finger tip the teenager spit it out and then found a finger pad and first knuckle.

It is probably easy to think the teenager was pulling a scam, however the county’s health department has confirmed that an employee at the location had lost part of her finger while using a meat slicer.

In what might be the most disgusting part of the incident the Arby’s location did not close for the day but instead stopped food production for a short period of time so everything could be sanitized. Arby’s calls the incident an “isolated and unfortunately accident.”

Ryan Hart’s mom in the meantime is not pleased:

“Somebody loses a finger, and you keep sending food out the window?”

While she says of her sons state of mind:

“He hasn’t been able to sleep very good. He’s really worried lately and he doesn’t want to catch anything.”

Here’s a shocker, the family has contacted a lawyer to represent them in a potential lawsuit against Arby’s.

Arby’s has not issued any further comments about the incident but I would predict its only a matter of time before a full apology is publicly given to Ryan Hart.