Taylor Swift And Avril Lavigne End Feud, Perform At ‘1989’ Tour

Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne have ended their feud and shown everyone that they are doing just fine by performing during the 1989 tour. E! Online shared that Taylor and Avril joined each other on stage to perform the song “Complicated” which is one of Avril’s hits. This was just one week after the two had a small feud on Twitter.

Joining each other on stage was the perfect way to show everyone that Taylor and Avril have moved on and so should everyone else. Swift spoke out to the audience and let them know that these two were great despite what happened on Twitter recently.

“We’ve been texting all week and we finally got to meet today and she’s so cool. She’s so sweet, which I love, when I find out that one of my favorite artists is also super amazing as a person.”

Lavigne shared with the world in April that she was battling Lyme disease. This performance with Taylor Swift was one of the few times that she has been on stage since revealing this to her fans. Everyone was glad to see her back on the stage, looking like she felt amazing.

Celeb Buzz revealed that this feud between Taylor and Avril all started when Taylor liked a post on Tumblr that was talking negative about other artists including Katy Perry, Kanye West, and even Avril Lavigne. The original post showed pictures of Taylor Swift with her fans and how she is really close to them, sharing a hug or even kissing a small boy. The other artists were featured really far away from their fans. This was originally brought to Avril’s attention by one of her fan pages that posted about Taylor liking the picture.

After Avril Lavigne saw this post, she rushed to Twitter to defend herself. She said “Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are. We all Love our fans.” It was obvious that she was not happy with Swift at that exact moment.

Taylor Swift did not comment on the post or even share it, but just simply liked it. So far, she has not shared her thoughts on what happened, but obviously reached out to Avril Lavigne to fix their small misunderstanding. Performing together during the 1989 tour was a very classy way to show that they have been able to bury the hatchet. It looks like Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne might just end up having a beautiful friendship.

[Picture Source: Jason Merritt / Getty Images]