Lindsay Lohan Dances Half Naked On A Yacht Near France [Video]

Lindsay Lohan Dances Half Naked On A Yacht Near France [Video]

Lindsay Lohan apparently had a little bit of crazy left in her after the recent drunken rampages during that unfortunate wedding episode. There was a recent Lohan sighting where the actress stripped down on the deck of a yacht and decided it would be a good idea to post the video online.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, it is claimed that Lindsay Lohan’s naked wedding rampage was all due to being drugged.

No one is certain what the excuse is for this latest video incident. All we know is that Lohan posted this video of herself dancing on a yacht on Instagram, only to have second thoughts and yank it down. Unfortunately for her, the actress was not quite quick enough, since many enterprising YouTube users made certain to repost it online.

Some of the YouTube descriptions also provided the information that was originally with the Instagram post.

“Thank you at my new favours photographer @francescoautelitano (Manu – maybe next time thank you) – Location: ‘St Tropez, South of France’ “

This time, Lindsay Lohan’s video starts off with the actress attempting to the splits while holding onto a rail (no stunt double necessary!). Viewers are treated to an eye-full of Lohan’s rear end, and the expression on her underwear probably matches the faces of the audience. Unless you are an otaku — then you are probably merely wondering where Lohan got that underwater in the first place.

Otherwise, Lindsay Lohan stumbles around on her knees on the deck of the ship. We must assume the videographer in this case was Francesco Autelitano based upon the timing of his Twitter tweets over the weekend.

No word on where Lindsay Lohan’s rampage will take her next. We just hope everyone has a video camera ready.

[Image via YouTube]