Israeli Broken Arm: Viral Video Shows Soldier Aggressively Handling Boy With Cast [Watch]

A video of an armed Israeli soldier trying to arrest an 11-year-old Palestinian boy with a broken arm, who threw rocks at the soldiers, in the West Bank went viral over the weekend, reports CNN. The video had more than three million views as of Sunday.

The incident took place on Friday during a protest organized by Palestinian activists over the settlement construction in the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.

Bassem Tamimi, the young boy’s father, filmed the altercation. He said it is normal for them to film their protests and post them to the site called Nabi Saleh Solidarity.

“This is very difficult for any father or mother to see their son or daughter in that way, being violently attacked,” said Tamimi.

The masked Israeli soldier can be seen holding the boy in a chokehold in an attempt to arrest him as the boy’s relatives, including his mother and sister, come to the rescue.

At one point the 15-year-old sister can be seen biting the soldiers hand as bystanders yell, “He is a little boy. His arm is broken.”

“I cannot stand by and see my brother near death,” said A’hd Tamimi, the boy’s sister. “Of course, I will go and help him. The soldier used way too much force. He is a young child with a broken arm, what is he able to do?”

The Israeli army defended its actions, justifying the extensive force because the protesters had thrown rocks at them.

“The forces decided to detain one of the Palestinians identified hurling rocks,” an Israeli army spokeswoman said.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the boy was released “to prevent an escalation of violence” after the commanding officers came to assist the soldier. However, as he walked away, he angrily threw a small stun grenade at the group of women.

[Photo via YouTube video screenshot]