‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Week 6 Brings Dramatic Departures As Final Dates Play Out

Fans were left hanging once again at the end of Monday’s Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers tease that the Week 6 episodes will be filled with dramatic and chaotic departures, and fans will not want to miss a minute of the action. What can viewers expect?

ABC teased that Monday’s episode would end with Ashley pulling Jared away for a desperately orchestrated overnight date, and indeed that’s where fans were left hanging. Ashley had talked quite a bit throughout her time on Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor about being a virgin. Will she really go so far as to throw that away to try to hang on to Jared?

While viewers will have to wait and see just how this date plays out, Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Ashley’s plan doesn’t ultimately get her what she wants. At some point before the next rose ceremony, Jared leaves paradise. He seemingly will leave ahead of the cocktail party, setting the stage for a lot of departure drama.

Viewers saw Jaclyn Swartz arrive in Monday’s episode, but she quickly finds that she doesn’t have many options to choose from in terms of a date. Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that she ends up giving her date card to Nick, who takes Samantha on a date.

Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal that Jared is hardly the only one to pack up and leave Mexico on their own ahead of the rose ceremony. It seems that Dan will head out, not seeing a future with Amber. Juelia decides to leave, and Ashley I. heads out as well since Jared has left her alone and broken-hearted.

At the rose ceremony, Kirk and Carly, Joshua and Tenley, Tenner and Jade, Justin and Cassandra, and Nick and Samantha all exchange roses and stay paired up with one another. Mikey will offer his rose to Mackenzie, but she declines. This will lead to the departure of both of them.

Jaclyn, Amber, Ashley S., and Chelsie will be left without roses, so they head home as well. That means before the celebratory drinks can be poured after the rose ceremony, 10 people will have said their goodbyes.

There will be no more people joining paradise at this point. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that the couples remaining will need to decide whether to stay together and have a fantasy suite date. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, there are some shockers ahead on this front.

Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Justin and Cassandra, Tanner and Jade, Joshua and Tenley, and Nick and Samantha will go ahead and have their overnight dates. What about Carly and Kirk? Unfortunately, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Kirk will break up with Carly and they head home.

While it is said that both Nick and Samantha along with Justin and Cassandra stay together after their overnight date, Joshua and Tenley reportedly split. Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Tanner and Jade not only stay together, but they get engaged much like Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul did in the Season 1 finale.

Just what leads to Kirk and Carly’s split? Which couples are still together now that filming has ended? Fans will get answers in the big Week 6 episodes of Bachelor in Paradise as the drama lead fans through some wild times toward a romantic ending.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]