Anna Duggar’s Brother Begs Her To Flee ‘Pig’ Josh: She Stays ‘Godly’ In ‘Duggarville’ As He Enters Bible-Based Rehab [Video]

Josh Duggar received negative publicity for molesting underage girls even before the 19 Kids And Counting reality TV star’s scandal exploded with his confessions that he cheated on his wife, Anna Duggar, and was addicted to porn. But now, as new details emerge of Josh’s secret life using the infidelity site Ashley Madison, Anna remains faithful to her husband.

And that quiet steadfast stick-by-your-man attitude has remained. Thus far, Anna has not revealed any plans to leave Duggar in the wake first of the publicity about molesting underage girls and now his confessions about infidelity and porn addiction, reported People.

Married for seven years, Josh and Anna believe in the same marriage guidelines as the Duggar matriarch and patriarch, Michelle and Jim Bob. That means Anna submits to her husband, which is why she has maintained her silence about the cheating scandal and pornography addiction, said a source.

“She doesn’t get mad,” revealed a family insider. “You are not allowed to get mad. It’s not godly for a woman.”

Moreover, the source added that Anna has modeled her voice after Michelle.

“Ever since she met [the Duggars] she has acted more like Michelle. She talks like her, really soft. She, like, whispers,” said the observer.

And that whisper isn’t heard outside of the Duggars’ close-knit family, noted the insider, who expressed concern that Anna lacks a support system.

“It’s scary. I don’t know who is talking to Anna or how she is dealing with this. Aside from Duggarville… no one can get to her.”

However, Anna’s parents, as well as Michelle and Jim Bob, have urged the 27-year-old to manage her feelings about Josh by relying on religion.

“They’re telling her Jesus forgives, Satan is trying to attack your marriage, that kind of stuff,” said the source, who advised Anna to anticipate negative feelings.

“I looked at her and said, ‘You are going to be angry. You are going to want nothing to do with him,'” the insider cautioned Anna.

One person who is already angry with Josh is Anna’s brother Daniel Keller, reported Us Weekly.

Using social media to share his feelings, Keller challenged those who defended Josh.

“Tell me how you would feel if someone cheated on your sister and brought so much disgrace to you and ur family,” he urged. “I have told her I would pay for her to move out here w me and pay for her kidz [sic]. I don’t think josh will see that this is a big deal and be truly broken till that happens.”

Keller also challenged their parents, who reportedly want Anna to stay with Josh despite the molestation, infidelity, and porn addiction confessions. And Daniel was blunt about his views on Josh.

“I tell you who I don’t give a s— about is that pig she calls her husband. I told her I would go get her and her children stay w me. She said she’s staying where she’s at. But I won’t stop trying to get that pig out of our family.”

The most recent scandal centering on Josh results from the discovery of two Ashley Madison subscriptions linked to Josh. The user to whom Josh is linked paid for the accounts between February 2013 and May 2015 and expressed interest in sex toys and one-night stands.

And for now, despite that plea from her brother, Anna is alone with her four children as Josh remains in rehab. The facility to which the 27-year-old member of the Duggar family went is Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, Illinois, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Josh’s treatment is based on religion, which means that it includes attending church as well as community service. The residents live in barracks.

Tony Richardson, Director of Development at Reformers Unanimous, cited an 80 percent success rate for the rehab center.

“Success defined by being free from destructive habit… They no longer fall prey to that. Second definition is that they are employed. Third is getting involved, and attending a local church. Local church is God’s support group and that is important to recovery.”

Moreover, Duggar will be sharing a rehab room without access to cell phone or email, reported People.

“It is not a country club,” said Richardson. “[It is] based solely on The Bible. We deal with everything from a sin standpoint.”

[Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images]