Princess Diana’s Final Resting Place ‘Returns To Nature’ 18 Years On

Princess Diana

As the world remembers Princess Diana 18 years after the fatal crash that tragically took her life, it seems her final resting place has returned to nature, and this has caused some upset.

It was 18 years ago on August 31, 1997 that Diana, Princess of Wales died as the result of a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris, France. The world remembers her today, but some are upset that her final resting place has been allowed to return to nature, saying that it seems the site is being neglected.

The Mirror Online quotes a spokesperson for Althorp Estate, where Princess Diana was buried, as saying the natural growth is intentional and is to lend privacy to her final resting place. A statement revealed that the memorial site “has always had a full growth of mature trees, which give a rich panoply of foliage in the summer.” They state that the grave will become “part of the ancient landscape over time”.

The 13,000-acre Althorp Estate was the home of Diana Spencer before her marriage to Prince Charles back in 1981 and one person in particular has criticized the estate for not caring for Princess Diana’s grave.

Princess Diana

Darren McGrady, former chef to the Queen and Princess Diana took to Twitter last year saying that her final resting place has been “neglected.”

Althorp Estate is owned by the 9th Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother Charles, and reportedly charges visitors up to £18.50 ($28.50) to enter and visit the grave.

McGrady asked the estate to please tidy up the vegetation saying that it is “sad to see Earl Spencer has neglected Princess Diana’s resting place.”

As reported in the Express, on the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, McGrady has once again taken to Twitter, posting fond memories of Princess Diana and again asking Earl Spencer to clean up the grave site.

Eventually Charles Spencer blocked McGrady on Twitter.

This was possibly after a tweet where McGrady mentioned Spencer’s book signing, saying if it had been held at the lake where Princess Diana was laid to rest, he might have had the site cleared and introducing the hashtag #RespectYourSister.

As reported on the Inquisitr, the whole world will be remembering Princess Diana, 18 years after her passing. Do you think the fact that her grave has been allowed to be covered in greenery disrespects her memory? Let us know in the comments below.

[Photo: Princess Diana and Prince Charles by Patrick Riviere / Hulton Archive / Oval lake and Princess Diana’s resting place by Sion Touhig / Getty Images News]