Shuttle Launch Live 2009: Atlantis Webcast

NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to launch from the Kennedy Space Center at 2:01 p.m. EDT today (Monday, May 11). As of mid-morning, NASA says the weather is good and there’s a 90 percent chance of it remaining so. You can watch the shuttle launch live here as it happens.

Space Shuttle Atlantis: The Mission

The space shuttle Atlantis will be traveling to the Hubble Space Telescope in what’s considered the “final space shuttle mission” to service the equipment. The crew will spend 11 days working on the telescope, installing two new instruments and repairing two inactive ones. The repairs are designed to keep the Hubble Space Telescope running through at least 2014.

Atlantis’s crew is scheduled to perform five spacewalks. The mission (STS-125) is commanded by Scott Altman and piloted by retired Navy Capt. Gregory C. Johnson.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

You can find the minute-by-minute breakdown of Atlantis’s timeline on our Space Shuttle Launch Schedule 2009 page.

Shuttle Launch Live 2009 Webcast

Below is a live stream from the Kennedy Space Center, courtesy NASA TV. Click the play button to begin the Webcast.