iPad Mini Coming Late This Year, Analysts Say

Last month, there were reports that Apple was looking to introduce an iPad Mini at some point around fall of this year, and now a new report from Business Insider seems to back up those rumors.

“Following up on comments made last week, recent research still leads us to believe that Apple may be planning to add another form factor to its iPad line in the 7″ range for the fall,” the report reads, citing analysts with Barclays.

“We believe that this type of product could be useful in promoting Apple’s agenda in education with e-textbooks. Also, the form factor could make sense in gaming, which could become a bigger platform for Apple over time.”

Under Steve Jobs’ rule, it’s safe to say that an iPad Mini wouldn’t happen–he famously went on a rant about 7-inch tablets back in 2010, calling the smaller tablets, which he said couldn’t compete with smartphones or standard tablets, “dead on arrival.”

With Tim Cook now holding Apple’s reigns, an iPad Mini doesn’t sound too farfetched, and all of the discussion over the past several months suggests that Apple is up to something, at the least. Whatever that is, we’ll likely have to wait until later this year to see it.