Chris Christie Wants To Treat Immigrants Like FedEx Packages

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Christie talked more about his plan to have the United States government track potential illegal immigrants (people with visas) like FedEx packages. He even suggested bringing on FedEx to help with the job.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace pointedly asked Christie about his controversial immigration plan.

“You’ve taken some blowback this weekend because you suggested that we should track foreigners, who are in this country on visas and may overstay them, the same way FedEx tracks packages. And critics are saying, ‘People aren’t packages.’”

Christie didn’t shy away from explaining his plan to track immigrants like packages.

“No, they’re not. My point was, this is once again a situation where the private sector laps us in the government with the use of technology, and to use the same type of technology to make sure that 40-percent of the 11 million people here illegally don’t overstay their visas. If FedEx can do it, why can’t we use the same technology.”

Wallace zeroed in on how the specifics of the human tracking would work.

“How would we know if they overstay? They don’t have a number- a label on their wrist.”

Christie didn’t give any real answer to how the tracking would work, but insisted it was possible.

“We can do it, and we should bring in the folks from FedEx to use the technology to be able to do it. There’s nothing wrong with that. And I don’t mean people are packages, so let’s not be ridiculous.”

Wallace moved on, probably sensing he wasn’t going to get any specifics out of Christie.

It’s hard to say if Christie is actually serious about his plan, or if he is trying to — as many in the media are calling it — out-Trump his rivals by introducing a controversial scheme to curtail illegal immigration. Whether he is a serious or not, you can view his plan as either ridiculous or something out of a post-apocalyptic world.

Imagine, a future where our government is capable of tracking every move of foreigners with some sort of chip or device. Many privacy advocates would take serious issue with such a plan, as we’d be one step closer to installing human tracking devices on all U.S. citizens.

We’ll stay tuned to see if Christie will end up releasing more details on his FedEx plan.

Watch the full interview with Christie on Fox News Sunday below.

[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]