Adult Star Jenna Jameson Creates A Scene With Janice Dickinson On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Jenna Jameson and Janice Dickinson are feuding over the Celebrity Big Brother’s Kosher food fridge.

The fight started when Dickinson ate Jenna Jameson’s special celery, resulting in a nasty verbal exchange between the two celebrities.

“I came to her hella cool. Please respect my religion. I think it’s really disrespectful that even when she found out that it’s my food, she went ahead and ate it,” said the 41-year-old Jameson.

Surviving inside the Celebrity Big Brother house is a challenge according to the tough-talking adult film star. She can’t eat most of the food served inside the house so she relies on what little food she has in her Kosher fridge.

But what really fueled Jenna Jameson’s anger was that Dickinson didn’t seem to care even when Farrah Abraham and James Hill told the former supermodel that the celery belonged to the adult film star. Jameson was really trying to keep her cool but James, Daniel and Scoop fanned the flames so she angrily confronted the 60-year-old Dickinson.

During the argument, Janice Dickinson reasoned that she’d had to help herself to Jenna Jameson’s snack because she was hungry and hadn’t eaten any dinner. To this, Jameson replied: “Neither have I. Have you seen me eat a bit?”

Dickinson’s insensitive behavior annoyed Jenna Jameson and she walked away fuming.

After her discussion with Dickinson, Jameson entered the diary room to express how she felt about the argument. She admitted that she was hurt by Dickinson’s nonchalant attitude.

“I can’t eat at a table with sausages and everything being served. I’m trying to observe my religion,” laments Jameson.

Others also have something to say about Janice Dickinson’s behavior inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. Austin Amacost also thinks that her attitude is less than desirable.

The ex-boyfriend of Marc Jacobs complained that the supermodel is behaving like a diva.

“They are unpacking Janice’s suitcase. I can’t believe they are all unpacking her suitcase and she’s asleep. She owns it.”

After hearing this, Jenna Jameson called Dickinson “superhuman”, to which the supermodel promptly replied: “No, I’m a supermodel.”

Janice Dickinson, however, remains unaffected. “My role in the house is to impart wisdom as much as I can, get to know people, hear their stories, be a friend, a confidante and to be really helpful,” the supermodel said.

She revealed that she has arthritis so she asked Sherrie and Gail to help her unpack her suitcase.

Jenna Jameson is confident that she will get over her disagreement with Janice Dickinson. “It kind of hurt me. I’m tough. I have come through things in my life that not many people can so this to me is petty.”

[Image by Ian Gavan, Getty Images]