Kanye West’s 2015 VMA Speech Goes On And On, Bro [Video]


Kanye West’s VMA speech got relentlessly roasted on Twitter after Kanye took the stage. Taylor Swift introduced West, letting the audience know that Kanye’s College Dropout was the first album Swift and her sister purchased on iTunes. Jaden Smith raised his fist like during the Black Power movement as Kanye came to the stage.

“Listen to the kids, bro!”

By the time Kanye mounted the stage and talked about running into people in the grocery store when he was with his daughter, they ended up telling West he’s not that bad after all. West tried to explain why he grabbed the microphone from Taylor all those years ago. West said he saw Justin Timberlake in tears during his “SexyBack” days when Timberlake lost at the Grammys.

“I just wanted people to like me more. But f*** that, bro! The art ain’t always polite.”

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian and her ample pregnancy cleavage kept getting flashed to during Kanye’s speech. Kim and Kanye turned heads with their fashion, reports E! Online‎, but probably not as many heads were turned when West admitted “rolling up a little something” prior to his speech.

“I’m confident. I believe in myself. We the millennials, bro.”

Kanye took the microphone and spoke slowly and with a rhythm that sought to sway the crowd. West said if his grandfather were alive, he wouldn’t let Kanye back down. On Twitter, some people wanted to back down away from Kanye’s long speech, which seemed to jump all over the place before he made the shocking announcement about running for president in 2020. There’s no word on whether Kanye was kidding as he dropped the mic, or if he was serious about a bid for the White House.

Meanwhile, with Kanye’s announcement, folks wondered aloud about Kim being a First Lady.

Kanye even dissed the promos of the VMAs itself, citing how much they publicized the fact that Taylor and West would be reuniting once more. Chances are, West and all his talk of ideas and being a fashion icon and raising kids correctly aren’t the platform of a man running for president — especially since West also spoke of drinking Hennessy and smoking weed. Nevertheless, stranger things have happened.

Miley, meanwhile, asked Kanye to pass the weed once she mounted the stage after West’s rousing speech. Cyrus said she couldn’t wing it like Kanye, but had to write her notes on her palm.

[Image via Twitter]