Roach Found in McDonalds Hash Brown, Allegedly [OM NOM NOM]

A deep-fried cockroach has allegedly been found stuck to a McDonalds hash brown.

Reddit user LinkBoyJT posted an image on Wednesday that might make you think twice about ordering hash browns with your pink slime next time you grace McDonalds.

After ordering the hash brown and eating most of it, LinkBoyJT, who was decidedly not lovin’ it, says he was shocked to find the crushed, fried insect waiting for his next bite. The caption that accompanies his rather gross image reads:

“I was eating a hash brown from McDonald’s on the way home when I felt something on the bottom…”

While there wasn’t confirmation of what sort of insect this was, it looks most like a cockroach. Late Wednesday evening, LinkBoyJT was back to expand on his find, revealing:

“I took the thing and showed it to the manager and she marked my receipt so I could get the same meal for free the next time I come in for breakfast. She didn’t really seem all that concerned.”

Since the posting of the image, a couple of Reddit members have started threads accusing LinkBoyJT of crushing an insect himself and framing McDonalds.

Then again, this isn’t new news. Bugs have allegedly been found in McDonald’s food before, including at least 50 dead ants in a breakfast burrito in Ontario, insect parts in a range of dishes ordered by one Miami family, and a cockroach stuck to the inside of an iced coffee in Australia.

So, anyone for McDonalds?