Haunted L.A. Hospital To Be Turned Into Senior Apartments

A supposedly haunted L.A. hospital could be set for a conversion into senior citizen apartments.

The LA Times reports that the 107-year-old Linda Vista Community Hospital, which closed in 1991, is the subject of a proposed $40 million conversion. The hospital has been used in numerous Hollywood productions (it’s appeared in the David Fincher-directed Se7en, as well as TV shows like True Blood and ER), and is also the setting for many real-life spooky tales.

Many who worked there claim supernatural events occurred in their presence, including the hospital’s caretaker Francis Kortekaas. Speaking to the Times, Kortekaas says he witnessed a sink at the hospital turn itself on and off in front of his eyes, and reveals he felt a child’s hand reach out for his own, despite him being alone at the time: “It felt like my daughter’s hand,” he told the paper.

None of which put off Maurice Ramirez. Ramirez is the executive VP of Amcal Multi-Housing Inc., the affordable housing group that is backing the hospital’s conversion. “People tell me it’s the most haunted place in L.A.,” Ramirez scoffed, “Because it’s been empty for maybe 25 years or so, it becomes the subject of a little urban folklore about ghosts and things.”

The closed hospital is now used for filming for around four months every year, and even has a fake prison cell (added by Kortekaas) to make it more appealing to potential filmmakers.

That movie legacy could soon be gone, however, with Ramirez gushing, “It’s going to look like an upscale hotel. People in the neighborhood will really see a transformation.”

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