Grizzly Bear Slap: Close Encounter Captured With GoPro Camera

Chances are that you never want to get too close to a grizzly bear.

The GoPro camera used in this video provides viewers with an up close-and-personal view of this large beast from a distance that could possibly become life-threatening for most people.

In the short clip, the grizzly bear is seen approaching the camera -- cautiously and carefully. He grunts and growls softly moments before the bear decides to take a major swipe in the camera's direction.

Over the past year or so, quite a few close encounters with the animal kingdom have been recorded and captured using GoPro technology. In most cases, the captured footage of those suspenseful moments and jaw-dropping experiences did not take very long to become viral videos.

The video of the grizzly bear slap was first posted on YouTube by GoPro Thursday, August 27. Since its initial posting, the video has already generated over one million views on the popular streaming website.

[Image Credit: John Moore/Getty Images]