Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Loses Three Of His Top Fundraisers

Jeb Bush is considered a serious competitor for the White House. He recently slipped into third place amongst the Republicans in the polls. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson was able to take second place in the national polls.

Bush’s fundraising has been pretty impressive compared to other candidates. But three of his top fundraisers are leaving. As Politico reported, there are different accounts of what happened leading up to the three fundraisers departing.

Naturally, Donald Trump had to comment on the fundraisers’ departures.

The three fundraisers–Kris Money, Trey McCarley and Debbie Aleksander–say that there were personality problems. As Fortune noted, others say that the fundraisers were let go because they were not raising enough funds.

“There were just some personality problems. It happens when you have a big organization like this, a big campaign. Some of the national people are tough to work for.”

After what some would call a mediocre performance at the first GOP debate, the Bush campaign experienced a lag in fundraising. Other, louder candidates, like Donald Trump, have been stealing the show from more traditional politicians like Mr. Bush.

Donald Trump has had anything but a traditional campaign, and yet he’s been polling at the top of the Republican field almost since he announced his candidacy. So far, it appears that American voters are favoring non-traditional, straight-talking candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

While some would want nothing more than to have another Bush in the White House, much of America is opposed to the idea. After the legacy that his brother left, it seems to many as though Jeb’s campaign is a longshot.

The campaign insists that it still has the best fundraising of any candidate. While it probably does have the best fundraising of any campaign, other problems may be plaguing it.

“Governor Bush has the widest and deepest fundraising operation of any candidate in the field. Ann Herberger — a longtime aide with more than two decades of experience in state and national politics — will continue to lead the operation in Florida with our team in Miami.”

Some have pointed out that Jeb’s campaign has a spending problem. According to sources familiar with the campaign, Bush has too many staffers and not enough money. Jeb reportedly spends much more than his Republican rivals.

The Bush campaign is apparently looking to replace the departed fundraisers.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]