WWE Rumors: The Shield Could Fully Reunite To Take On The Wyatt Family After ‘Night Of Champions’

A few weeks ago, the Wyatt Family semi-reunited as Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper became a family again. This week, they welcomed a new family member in the gigantic form of Braun Strowman, and they have continued their feud with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Now the duo is outnumbered and could really use a third person to help even things out, but will The Shield reunite before or after Night of Champions.

Some don’t feel that a third member is needed for the teams of Reigns and Ambrose, but the debut of Strowman says differently.

When Luke Harper and Erick Rowan reunited as a tag team, it was short-lived. Rowan suffered an injury that put him on the shelf for months, and everyone figured a full-on Wyatt Family reunion was dead.

Then, Harper emerged from the crowd to help out Bray Wyatt and the family was back together and feuding with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. There were rumors for weeks that the Wyatts would get a third family member and Sting would join the former members of The Shield for a match at SummerSlam, but it wasn’t meant to be.

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The night after on Monday Night Raw, the feud continued and so did the partnership between Reigns and Ambrose. That was when Braun Strowman debuted and the Wyatt Family had grown to three.

Now, Sting is involved in a feud with Seth Rollins and will face him for the WWE Title at Night of Champions. That doesn’t mean someone from that match can’t help out Reigns and Ambrose though, but it won’t be Sting.

Many WWE “experts” currently believe that Rollins will end up losing the WWE Title to Sting at the PPV. It is also rumored that he will have to pull double-duty and defend the U.S. Title against John Cena which he could retain or lose, but that’s up in the air.

If Rollins loses the U.S. Title too, it would make sense for The Authority to lose faith in him and shun him. He would be on his own and if The Authority dumps you, you’re automatically a babyface.

At that point, his former brothers of The Shield could pick up the pieces.

The relationship between Reigns and Ambrose has lasted a lot longer than anyone thought it would. If Rollins has nowhere to go, The Shield could truly reunite because there is no doubt that a third member is needed to face the stronger Wyatt Family.

The Daily DDT believes that Randy Orton, The Rock, or Daniel Bryan could join up with Reigns and Ambrose instead. None of those really seem feasible as The Rock will only be showing up for big-time events and Bryan’s return will have much more fanfare than being the third of a team.

As for Orton, Uproxx reported recently that “The Viper” is looking for a reduced schedule so won’t be as involved as he has been in past months. After his feud with Sheamus ended, it looks like he may take some time away from the ring.

It may just be a rumor for now, but The Shield very well could reunite as a babyface team and they may be the only faction strong enough to take on the new Wyatt Family. It seems like a logical way to go, but only time will tell by the time Night of Champions comes and goes.

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