Watch Train Surfer Catch Entire Heartstopping Prank On Video

Train surfing video

Train surfing might be one the most dangerous stunts of the GoPro generation’s fascination with putting themselves into life threatening situations in order to drum up Instagram and YouTube followers. Long before the practice was being captured on tape, train surfing — or train hopping — claimed the lives and limbs of scores of people who attempted to ride the outsides of freight and transport trains in order to cut their travel costs and experience the ride of their lifetime.

Despite that risk, train surfing has still remained an extremely popular form of free-time-killing hooliganism for young people across the world. One such new video shows a new teen train surfer Pasha Bumchik, living in Ukraine, sneak into his local metro station and climb on top of one of the train cars. From there, the train surfing adventures proves wildly successful, as Pasha slips down between two the train cars and greets the normal train patrons before running away from the tracks quickly to avoid any altercations with local authorities.

Aside from train surfing, Bumchik’s popular YouTube channel is full of other videos of him attempting, and usually succeeding at, shocking stunts. You can check out one of him doing his best Spiderman impression below.

Do you think train surfing is terribly entertaining or terribly foolish?