Infiniti YouTube Ad Video Moves With Your Phone – 360-Degree Virtual Reality ‘Infiniti 360 Film – The Dream Road’ Gets 1.2 Million Views [Video]

The video titled “Infiniti 360 Film – The Dream Road” is surely going viral. That’s because the ad by Infiniti does something unique that most YouTube viewers won’t idly flip by or wait until it elapses to get to the real video they want to watch. This Infiniti ad moves on mobile devices so that the person watching the video can change their perspective and look down, up, and all around, and the scenery changes.

Published on August 12, the video is up to 1.2 million views and counting, as new folks discover the ad.


Checking out 13 cool facts about the Infiniti Q60 featured in the viral video on Motor Trend, the Infiniti Q60 should land in dealerships by autumn in 2016. There’s a concept car featured in photos of the Q60 based on the production coupe. Either way, it’s the uniqueness of the 360-degree YouTube ad that has folks going wild about the video on Twitter.


In the ad, although it appears to allow viewers to move their mobile devices around, the movement doesn’t seem to allow viewers to direct the movement of the car itself. The Infiniti ad displays a gorgeous vista as the Infiniti driver (who seems to only have arms, by the way) makes his or her way down beautiful roads. On YouTube, the comments and reactions are flowing in along with the views.

“Realized I could move around the POV at the end of the ad I was very sad.”


Some users who’ve actually claimed to have driven the Infiniti Q60 — or are joking about the 360-degree test drive — are commenting. Others aren’t as bowled over by the 360-degree video.

“Really had fun test driving this car today! The handling was AMAZING! Well done!”

“Have none of you guys seen a 360° video? They’ve been around for a while, and there’s plenty of videos with it.”


Meanwhile, the YouTube video’s description gives more details about the roads featured in the viral video.

“Experience the Infiniti Q60 Concept from the driver’s seat before it’s available in the Infiniti lineup. Take the next-gen coupe on the ultimate drive in 360˚, from the sweeping bridges of the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway and the heart-stopping switchbacks on Italy’s Stelvio Pass to the colorful Moroccan Gorges du Dadès and Norway’s dramatic, moody Trollstigen mountain pass.”

The rapid amount of views on the YouTube video prove that although 360-degree videos may have been around for a while, the Infiniti 360 car ad is kicking butt.

[Image via YouTube]