Josh Duggar’s Scandal Saga: ‘It Makes Me Furious’ Says Cousin Amy

Josh Duggar’s family may be wearing thin with the various scandals and the bad publicity. Duggar cousin Amy, in particular, has had a few things to say on the whole saga. Unlike the rest of the family, though, she may be done covering up for Josh and making excuses.

This week, Amy spoke out on her Instagram, addressing the scandal, the publicity, and how she feels about Josh’s choices.

Of course, she too, is feeling the effects of her cousin’s actions, even though she doesn’t subscribe to the more fundamentalist beliefs of the larger family, instead sticking to a more liberal Christianity. She wears shorter skirts, and even jeans, and engages in plenty of behaviors Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don’t allow their daughters — like kissing her fiance.

Despite being somewhat separated from the rest of the Duggar family’s belief system, she’s still suffering many of the same consequences Josh’s siblings and parents are: she no longer appears on television (though she was by no means on every episode), definitely won’t have her upcoming wedding televised (it’s not certain that she would have anyway, and it’s unlikely she’d have had the sort of special episode other Duggar women have, but Josh has ensured she’ll have no television cameras whatsoever), and her social media, like that of her cousins, is flooded with comments about adultery, fundamentalism, and child abuse.

It’s little surprise she’d be quite frustrated, and this week, she allowed a bit of that to slip out. Though Amy has mostly left behind posts and comments about Josh to focus instead on posting about her engagement and upcoming wedding, shared a photo of herself cozying up to a pair of pampered-looking pups.

#nationaldogday #woofbabies #cuddlebuddy

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In the comments, one follower asked how she could stay so positive and upbeat.

In her response, Amy Duggar explained that she relies on her faith in God, and that she isn’t responsible for Josh’s choices — but that they do make her furious.

“I have my faith in God. The whole entire family is crushed, I’m mentally worn out! My savior is my everlasting rock and what someone else does, and the choices that someone else makes ( even though it makes me furious) it doesn’t fall on me, on my future marriage or my personal relationship with Christ.”

Josh Dugagr's behavior makes Amy furious.

Note that her comment suggests the whole Duggar family is starting to feel beaten by the Josh saga, not just Amy herself.

It was less than two weeks ago before the Ashley Madison scandal broke, that Amy Duggar told People Magazine that she no longer even thinks of Josh’s trouble over child molestation — that the whole family had moved past it.

The official statement from the Duggar family refers to the family as “grieved” over Josh’s actions, but doesn’t seem to hint as strongly as Amy’s comment at utter exhaustion with the entire saga, or at anger or anything so strong as fury at Josh himself.

If Josh Duggar is finally beginning to wear through his family’s patience, any further behavioral revelations may out him in hot water indeed.

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