New Jersey Woman Livid After She Claims She Received A Vulgar Message On Her Pizza Receipt

Loretta Smith Layne receipt

A New Jersey woman says that a local pizza shop left a vulgar message on her pizza receipt and she is demanding an apology. Loretta Smith Layne says that she went to Danny’s Pizza in Bridgeton, New Jersey, to order some hot wings and requested that they be “fried hard.” However, when she received her order she got more than she bargained for as the receipt contained a message that has been described as both vulgar and racist.

The Metro reports that Loretta Smith Layne took one look at the receipt and couldn’t believe her eyes. On the receipt under “special instructions” the paper said “fried hard like a black d***.” Layne says that the owner initially admitted via text message that his son had typed in the vulgar statement. However, when confronted by news reporters, the owner backed down and said he didn’t know who wrote the message and even claim that the paper wasn’t a real receipt as there was no price listed.

NBC 10 approached the manager of Danny’s Pizza about the offensive receipt which they claimed was vulgar and racist. However, the manager denied that the receipt came from their pizza establishment and directed further question to his father who owns the restaurant. Danny Sommeling, the owner of the shop, said that he is unsure where the receipt came from.

However, Loretta is adamant that the receipt came from Danny’s Pizza and that the owner sent her text messages apologizing for his son’s behavior. The text message, which were viewed by NBC 10 staff, include an apology allegedly by the Danny’s Pizza owner for his son’s choice of words, saying he made a bad decision that was “definitely not professional.” Loretta says she now wants the owner to admit to the wrong-doing instead and give a public apology for the note she said was completely offensive.

“I was very offended and upset and disrespected to get those words on a receipt.”

The “receipt” as Loretta is calling it actually appears to be a fry order tag that is sent to the kitchen with cooking instructions. These receipts typically don’t make it back to the customer; however, sometimes they are placed in pizza boxes or in bags of to-go orders. Therefore, it seems likely that when the individual typed the offensive statement into the computer, he or she did not intend for the customer to actually see it.

However, even if the message wasn’t intended to be read by the customer, is it right? Should Danny’s Pizza provide an apology to Loretta Smith Layne publicly despite claiming they do not know who wrote the offensive message?

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Loretta Smith Layne]