Robin Williams’ Family Still Battling In Court Over Portions Of The Late Actor’s Estate A Year After His Tragic Death

Robin Williams’ family is still battling it out in court over portions of the late actor’s estate. Williams’ wife, Susan Williams, has been accused by Williams’ children from a previous marriage of holding on to property that is legally theirs. The children note that the court system made a final ruling on the estate division and that Susan is not following through appropriately.

Fox 29 reports that the heirs of Robin Williams’ estate are back in court to settle a dispute regarding “personal items” of the late actor and a “reserve fund” put into place to help Susan maintain the home she shared with her late husband. However, Susan claims the trustees have refused to answer questions about how they arrived at the “reserve fund” amount to maintain the family home as she has arrived at completely different figures.

Meanwhile, Williams’ children maintain that they have followed court orders to provide Susan with a reserve fund sufficient to maintain the Tiburon home the couple shared together. Robin’s three children, Cody, Zelda, and Zachary, have argued that their step-mother was simply trying to secure a guaranteed income stream. Their lawyer claims Susan is “seeking to increase her share of the trust assets at the expense of the Williams children.”

The L.A. Times notes that much of the dispute revolves around “personal items” left behind by Williams that includes an extensive bicycle collection. For example, Susan’s lawyers say she has requested the ability to keep all property inside the home, including art and furniture. One item that Susan wants to keep in particular is a bicycle that was purchased on her honeymoon with Robin. Williams’ extensive bicycle collection is valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Other items under dispute are small and include Robin’s T-shirts, slippers, and some boxer shorts. Susan says there are certain items in the home that hold sentimental value that she simply doesn’t want to part with. However, the Williams’ children say the estate trustees have already agreed on a division of property and that those rulings are final.

However, Susan’s lawyer says that his client is willing to work with the children to come up with a resolution that is fair to everyone involved.

“Susan is willing to work with the children for a fair, amicable resolution on these issues.”

Do you think Susan Williams should be able to keep the personal items located in the home she shared with Robin Williams during their marriage?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Peter Kramer]