Tameka Foster: Usher’s Former Wife May Find Herself Homeless

is locked in a custody dispute with his former wife and mother of his children, Tameka Foster, and it turns out, the R&B musician has the ability to put Foster out on the streets in less than sixty days, TMZ reported.

The American R&B singer and actor, whose new song “Twisted” is scheduled to premiere May 16, 2012 on MTV, is currently in the process of settling what has been a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife.

Tameka is currently residing in Usher’s Georgia mansion, which the 33-year-old musician will be allowed to sell under the divorce settlement. That is, as long as he provides Foster with a 60-day notice. It is this aspect of their settlement that has the mother of five concerned about not only her future, but that of their five children, as they may soon find themselves homeless.

She is currently asking her former Grammy Awards winning husband for a permanent residence for her as well as the children the two have together.

Usher does not appear to have any intention to give in to her demands as TMZ reported that the Texas born R&B sensation responded no way, as he believes he has already paid her a sufficient amount of money over the course of their relationship.

With the two in disagreement, a judge’s ruling will ultimately decide the fate of their bitter custody dispute.

What do you think, should Usher give Tameka Foster the permanent home that she’s requesting or should he leave her out in the cold to fend for herself?

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