‘They Shouldn’t Have Survived’: Tree Crushes Camper As Family Of Five Prepared For Bed

A Wisconsin family-of-five says they are lucky to be alive after a tree crushed their pop-up camper while they were still inside. Dana and Charlie Weber say they were laying their three sons down for bed inside of the camper when a large tree snapped in half and fell directly onto the pop-up. The trailer was completely crushed, but somehow all five of the family members were able to walk away from the horrifying accident.

Fox 29 reports that Dana and Charlie Weber are still unsure how their three boys remained unharmed when a large tree fell directly on the area of the camper that the boys were sleeping in. The parents say they were tucking the boys in bed when either lightening or wind snapped a nearby tree in half. Charlie says that it all happened quickly and that tree limbs and splintered pieces of the tree trunk were raining down on them inside. Charlie says he was hit in the head with something and then just heard his wife Dana screaming, “Oh my God, oh my God!”

The frightened parents said they feared the worst when the looked over and saw what appeared to be their boys’ bedroom completely crushed. The children were pinned underneath the limbs and fiberglass of the trailer, and when Dana initially looked at the bed, she saw her 3-year-old son Dominic laying motionless under the branches. The mother quickly scooped up the boy who almost immediately jumped awake.

The family says that by some miracle, Dominic had slept through the entire ordeal. He was not injured, he was simply still asleep. The parents say that Dominic’s ability to sleep through the terrifying situation will go down in family history and that they will be sure to pass the story along through the generations.

Meanwhile, friends of the Weber family have joined together to make a cross out of the fallen tree. The family says the tree cross is going to be a reminder to the family that God was watching over them that fateful night. The Webers note that following the harrowing crash, they simply stood outside and gave thanks that they had survived.

“We just stood outside giving so much thanks we had survived, because they [their three sons] shouldn’t have survived.”

What do you think about the Weber family’s amazing story? Can you believe a 3-year-old child could sleep through such an ordeal?

[Image Credit: Weber Family/ Fox9]