‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Will Finally Let Players Change Their Skyhold Outfit With Next Title Update

David Stonecipher

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, gamers eventually take control of a powerful organization backed with the full support of military assets and financial backing. Players lead this faction from their own base in the mountains known as Skyhold. While adventuring out in the world, Dragon Age: Inquisition fans can choose from a variety of different armor styles to fit their needs. Unfortunately, users don't have the same freedom when it comes to selecting what they are allowed to wear while inside Skyhold's walls.

Rather than, being able to continue to wear their field armor, players are instead forced to wear casual clothes. The problem was, unlike their combat outfits, Dragon Age: Inquisition fans weren't offered a choice in the outfit they wore within Skyhold. As a result all characters found themselves wearing a matching beige pants suit that was often jokingly compared to a set of pajamas.

Thankfully, BioWare has now confirmed that they soon plan to give players access to additional Skyhold outfits in an upcoming free content update. Speaking to GameSpot, Dragon Age: Inquisition creative director Mike Laidlaw revealed the next major patch for the title will give users the option of choosing between a dozen different outfits to select their new Skyhold look.

"It comes pre-loaded with about a dozen outfits of varying colors, each carefully selected to minimize instances of plunging a spiked pauldron into your love interest's face when you kiss him or her," Laidlaw said. "The default beige is still available if that's your jam, of course, but we heard loud and clear that some (okay, yes, pretty much everyone) of you wanted some variety. To find the wardrobe, head to your bedroom once the game patches."

— Mike Laidlaw (@Mike_Laidlaw) August 30, 2015

"The Golden Nug lets you 'sync' your collectibles across games after you've completed Dragon Age: Inquisition's main story. To take advantage of this, head to the Skyhold Undercroft post game and click the new Golden Nug statue. After you've done that once, every game that's both a) online and b) on the same platform will have a similar statue added to the Undercroft and Haven. Clicking on that statue will sync your current game. This sync is bi-directional and additive, which means that any collectibles will be added to the online collection, even if the character doing the clicking is pre-endgame. It's like new game plus...without having to start a new game."

Are you looking forward to finally getting the chance to change out of Dragon Age: Inquisition's existing Skyhold outfits?

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