Skype On Xfinity Rolls Out In Boston, Seattle Also Launches New Service

Skype on Xfinity could quite possibly change the way you watch television with friends located in other cities, states or even countries and its finally getting its first test market after being launched on Wednesday in Boston and Seattle.

The Skype camera allows users to perform video calls through the Skype service while instant messaging and watching TV at the same time, potentially creating TV viewing parties among different households (think American Idol, primetime shows and any other programming you watch).

The service is priced at $10 per month for Triple Play customers and for that price a hardware bundle is given with an included camera, Skype adapter and a Skype-enabled remote control with a keyboard on the back for instant messaging purposes.

The best part might be that the service works with regular Skype customers so you can call and talk to friends who are not using the Xfinity service.

While the program might just be getting underway Comcast plants to roll out Skype on Xfinity in even more cities next week. The next roll outs will occur in; Atlanta and Augusta, GA; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, PA; Indianapolis, IN; and Miami, FL.

If you don’t live in one of the Skype on Xfinity areas don’t fret, other Comcast customers are expected to receive the new video and messaging program by the Summer.

Are you willing to spend an additional $10 per month for the ability to use Skype right from your television via Comcast Xfinity TriplePlay service? I’ll stick to my TV connected Skype use for the time being but I can definitely see the value in easily connecting to friends and family as you watch TV shows together and share easy to connect video conferences with less tech savvy users.