Simon Cowell Calls One Direction’s Split ‘The World’s Worst Kept Secret’

Simon Cowell is speaking out regarding his decision to slowly leak the news of One Direction’s impending split, admitting that he feared the impact that the news may have on the group’s younger fans.

The X Factor creator, who helped to form One Direction in 2010, admits that he began slowly hinting that the group needed some time off, rather than releasing the heartbreaking news in a formal statement.

“I kind of hinted a few months ago they’d be having time off,” Cowell explains to the Sunday People, via The Mirror UK. “We haven’t had a conversation where anyone has said it is the end. The conversations have been, ‘we’re exhausted, can we have time off?'”

Cowell further explains, “You saw in the film we made that they went out to get shoes and within seconds, they were mobbed. You can’t live your life like that forever.”

Cowell notes that talks of disbanding have gone back nearly a year, albeit admitting that the group didn’t do a very good job of concealing the rumors of their impending hiatus.

“This has been going on for about a year now. It was the world’s worst kept secret. It’s impossible for them to keep going at this pace after five years. We’ve said to them take as long as you want and, within reason, do whatever you want.”

Cowell notes, “They’ve so many great songs now they could come back at any point and do a great show.”

The television mogul also explains that while some rumors are suggesting that certain members are leaving the band altogether, he can’t imagine that Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson wouldn’t return to the group in the future.

“I think there’ll be some solo stuff, then the group will come back together, but it’s completely their decision,” he admits.

In addition to dishing on the group’s decision to take a break following the release of their fifth album, Cowell also opens up about whether or not he’s been in contact with the group’s estranged fifth member, Zayn Malik.

“I don’t have as much contact with Zayn now,” Cowell admits, explaining, “We decided that if one of them wanted to leave early they won’t be with Syco and that my main responsibility would always be with the band as a whole.”

Cowell also responds to Malik’s recent Twitter spats with various celebrities, including ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards’ band, Little Mix, Calvin Harris, and Naughty Boy.

People reports that Malik made headlines earlier this week after he unintentionally ignited a feud between himself and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

Malik seemingly threw shade at the “Bad Blood” singer after he retweeted a photo comparing Swift’s decision to pull her music from Spotify and Miley Cyrus’ comments about not caring about making money from her album sales.

Harris, interpreting Malik’s tweet as a dig at his girlfriend, responded to the former 1D member with, “You’ve made your money? Cool…f*** the 99 percent of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah f*** em.”

Malik then responded to Harris with some heated words, telling the “Outside” DJ, “ha you just made an absolute fool of yourself…you clearly didn’t understand what I just said either…so I suggest you calm your knickers before them dentures fall out…Oh and I write my own s*** too d***head.”

“I don’t encourage Twitter spats,” Cowell admits when asked about Malik’s recent feud, “They become so public.”

“Zayn just needs to keep his head together, make a great record and enjoy life,” Cowell concludes.

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[Image Credit: Getty Images / Jason Merritt]