New ‘Once Upon A Time’ Set Photos Show Off Regina and Emma: Is Regina Really The Hero?

Once Upon a Time fans are waiting to find out the fate of Emma after sacrificing herself at end of Season 4. Speculation and spoilers have teased that Regina will save Emma from becoming the Dark Swan before it is too late.

Now, fans are seeing the two women behind those characters working together in a new scene. Spoiler TV shared new photos from the set, featuring Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla. The photos were taken on the set on August 27, and the ladies are involved in a conversation during their scene. Fans will need to wait to find out what the two women discussed until the show airs later this year.

However, it does appear that Emma Swan will not become completely dark. A previous Inquisitr report shared other photos from the set that show Emma out of her dark attire and dressed in all white. Emma is with Hook in the scene, and they ride off together on his horse.

It is not clear if the scene is a dream or something else, but it does give fans some hope that Emma will be saved.

Yahoo! Celebrity shared some recent comments made by Parrilla on Sunday that also tease Regina saving the day and stopping Emma’s transition into the evil dark swan.

“I think that the hero has been evolving within Regina in the last year. The cool thing about her is that she is both good and bad now — like everyone in the world, we all possess evil thoughts or whatever — and I love that she is embracing both sides. I think she is going to have a huge impact in bringing Emma back into the light.”

The return of Once Upon A Time is less than a month away, and fans are still anxiously awaiting the return of the series. There are a lot of new faces joining the action this season. The arrival of Braves’ Merida has generated the most buzz, but the cast of characters from Camelot are also receiving a lot of attention.

However, the majority of the fan’s focus is on Emma Swan and her fate. Fans really want to know who will save the day.

What do you think? Will Regina become the hero and save Emma from the dark side? Once Upon A Time will return to ABC on September 27.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]