Taecyeon, K-Pop Idol Of 2PM, Is Ecstatic When Park Shin Hye Returned To 'Three Meals A Day'

Jan Omega

If there is one female K-drama and K-movie star most men are admiring, it is easily Park Shin Hye. Over the course of two years, many have expressed their affection for the lead actress of Heirs and Pinocchio, including other famous Korean stars. This includes Yoo Yeon Suk (Shin Hye's The Royal Tailor co-star), Lee Jong Suk (Shin Hye's Pinnochio co-star), and quite possibly Gong Yoo (Shin Hye's celebrity crush). Summarized, Park Shin Hye's love is a lot like her track "Love Is Like A Snow" for it effects anyone it falls on.

However, the one Korean star who probably shows more affection for Park Shin Hye more than any other star is Ok Taec Yeon, better known as Taecyeon of K-pop group 2PM. The K-pop idol spent time with Shin Hye on a previous episode of Three Meals A Day and they've been dubbed the "unofficial couple" of the show. Now, it is known Shin Hye returned to the show, in which Taecyeon was ecstatic.

Park Shin Hye made her return to Three Meals A Day for their August 28, 2015 episode. As reported by AllKpop, Taecyeon could not hide his joy when she arrived, acting like a little boy in love wearing a wide smile and brimming with laughter. This attitude was evident throughout the episode's entirety.

Apparently, fellow Three Meals A Day co-star Lee Seo Jin noticed Taecyeon's attitude, poking playful fun at him. This includes Taecyeon's knowledge of everything happening in Park Shin Hye's life, including her recent trip to Europe, to minute details from their past experiences. As a matter of fact, Seo Jin was surprised that Taecyeon remembered the minute detail that Shin Hey really enjoyed pancakes the last time she was on the show, as reported by KpopStarz.

The second episode of Park Shin Hye on Three Meals A Day - a K-variety show centered on the cooking skills of popular Korean personalities - will air on Friday, September 4, 2015 at 9:45 p.m. KST on tvN. The initial episode in which Shin Hye and Taecyeon established their "unofficial couple" status is available to view on Youtube.

[Image via Screen Capture of Three Meals A Day]