Python Vs. Cobra Battle On Busy Singapore Street [VIDEO]

Two deadly snakes indigenous to southeast Asia somehow met up on a busy Singapore street in broad daylight. It wasn’t love, or even like, at first sight. Two of the world’s most feared snakes decided to have a showdown and attempt to kill the other. Students and faculty at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore were surprised to find themselves having ringside seats when two deadly snakes battled in a full-on street fight on Thursday afternoon.

The Python, known for its ability to use its entire body to squeeze its prey to death, attempted to do just that, as the powerful King Cobra attempted to strike the Python. King Cobras have deadly venom. The python actually did wrap itself partly around the Cobra with the Cobra fighting wildly. The snakes were quite long and, while they are known to that area, it is considered unusual for them to be in the street with people, particularly at the same time. The video was uploaded to YouTube by a bystander.

People stand precariously close to the embattled snakes, but the snakes did not seem aware of their presence. The people are often shouting in surprise, and a larger crowd gathers. Although it surely appeared for a while that the python would win its dance of death, eventually it released the cobra after about thirty minutes. It is unknown if the Cobra’s bites may have been successful and weakened the Python. Immediately after the struggle, the King Cobra slithered away into the nearby woods, where it was not located for some time. Students from the school alerted pest control, who were able to remove the Python, still alive, from the street. They eventually found the two-meter long King Cobra in a drainage pipe but had difficulty removing it. With the help of sulfur powder, they were able to remove the Cobra, alive and appearing well.

The King Cobra, somewhat rarer than the Python, was relocated to a local zoo, where it will likely spend the remainder of its days, according to The Weather Network. There is no word on what was done with the Python, but students stated they had never before seen snakes of that size on campus. Snakes tend to avoid heavily trafficked areas with many humans, and may come to the area out of desperate hunger or threat. While many people fear the deadly snakes — with good cause — death by snake is rather rare, with snakes much preferring to eat animals than humans. While it’s rare to hear of these two deadly snakes battling, it is known that either snake will attack anything that they feel is an immediate threat. You can read more about snake attacks that have been reported by the Inquisitr here.

[Photo By Channel News Asia]