The Dating Website That Accepts Only — You Guessed It — Beautiful People [Video]

The website, aptly titled, touts itself as providing “online dating exclusively for Beautiful People.” As reported by the Daily Mail, Beautiful People is a site that aims to keep the ugly people out, even though the Beautiful People blog says that everyone is actually beautiful. Oh wait, scratch that. The Beautiful People blog asks folks to imagine a dating website wherein everyone is actually beautiful. Heaven forbid someone less than beautiful sneak in.

“Imagine a dating community where EVERYONE is actually beautiful…”

Greg Hodge is the managing director of Beautiful People, and perhaps it’s Hodge’s background as a London nightclub owner potentially picking only the beautiful people to enter the club that has him running in the same manner. To join the site, folks have to upload their photos and get voted as having enough beauty to belong on the site.

“Beautiful People is an elite online club, where every member works the door.”

Beautiful People promises others they can connect with beautiful folks near them and abroad, and chat with those folks, and perhaps make an intimate connection with “REAL beautiful people who actually look in real life as they do online.”

Indeed, plenty of dating site members have complained over the years about various websites, in which they meet people online who turn up looking worse in real life than in their online profiles. Beautiful people promises their members the chance to go to parties and potentially be “discovered” as part of the most exclusive and beautiful community in the world.

Users don’t have to sift through all the “riff raff” of ugly people, but can play around in the land of Beautiful People, with the website’s difficult policy of only letting “exceptionally attractive” people into

While 23-year-old Stabile, who hails from Boston, won the swimsuit competition on the website, a good 3,000 of the site’s members were let go earlier this year because they weren’t growing older gracefully.

BeautifulPeople has more than 750,000 members that pay around $15 per month to stay there — but 90 percent of those who apply to are rejected in the first place. It’s something that disturbs Hodge, only because of the earnings aspect.

“This hurts me… I see dollar signs just walking out the door. It’s a tough business model, because most of the people that knock on the door don’t get in.”

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