Ashley Iaconetti Plans To Lose Virginity On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Ashley Iaconetti has made the decision that she is ready to lose her virginity, and that a fantasy suite on Bachelor in Paradise is the place to do it. E! Online shared a sneak peek that shows that Ashley will do whatever it takes, including asking host Chris Harrison for a fantasy suite date, even if that wasn’t their original plan for her. Of course, Harrison is happy to agree, because this date makes great television.

Jared Haibon is the lucky guy who Iaconetti hopes will join her in the suite. Just last week, Jared explained to Ashley that she shouldn’t be focused on just him, but that didn’t get Iaconetti to give up on him and wanting to take things to the next level. Jaclyn Swartz has just joined the show, and Ashley is terrified that she might be able to steal Jared away from her. This is not going to happen, and a fantasy suite date could be Ashley’s last chance to win him over.

Ashley Iaconetti simply sees Jaclyn talking to Jared and decides that tonight is “do or die,” so she heads off to find Harrison. She even goes as far as to say “I may not be a virgin tomorrow.” Ashley has big plans, but it is still unknown if Jared will be interested in joining her for this date and taking things to the next level already. Hopefully, Iaconetti is not going to be let down on this date.

The Hollywood Gossip shared that the preview for Bachelor in Paradise makes it look like Ashley could even have a pregnancy scare after her night along with Jared Haibon. The clip shows one of the girls talking to Iaconetti and saying “Wait, you’re not a virgin and you could be pregnant?” This could mean that Ashley and Jared take things to the next level and forget to bring protection along. Another twist would be if Ashley was never a virgin in the first place and had been lying about that all along.

Don’t miss Bachelor in Paradise on ABC tonight as viewers get the chance to see if Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon decided to go ahead and take things to the next level. Do you think Ashley will go ahead and have sex with Jared tonight? This date is either going to go great for her, or make her lose Jared forever. Sound off in the comments on your thoughts.

[Photo Source: Jesse Grant / Getty Images]