Jennifer Garner Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring Despite Reconciliation Rumors

Jennifer Garner ringless

Jennifer Garner has had to endure quite a number of rumors over the last few months. The latest rumors have centered around Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck actually getting back together, despite the fact that the actress and actor have both been spotted out in public in recent days without their wedding bands on. Despite the fact that it appears the couple is moving forward with ending their marriage, life must go on.

Jennifer Garner was most recently spotted by People Magazine as she returned to her Los Angeles home after spending most of the summer shooting her new film, Miracles From Heaven. Entertainment Weekly published a number of photos of the busy actress as she went about her day, talking to a new nanny and toting a number of different household items around without sporting her ring.

Jennifer Garner is likely going to endure this kind of treatment for a little while yet, because neither she nor hubby Ben Affleck have really gone public with what is going on in their relationship.

You have to give Jennifer Garner credit, considering she has been consistent in making sure her personal life is truly personal. She doesn’t talk about her relationship much when things are going good and she isn’t talking much about it since it hit the rocks. As people close to Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have told the media, Affleck has actually returned home for the last few weeks, having previously finished his own work. Garner also just managed to hustle back to the home the couple still apparently share. Jennifer said she wanted to enjoy the last few weeks of summer with her children who will start school in September.

The couple did go public with an announcement on June 30, just one day before Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were set to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, stating they were ending their marriage. Perhaps, because the public seems to like the idea of the pair being happy together, there have been rumors since the announcement that they are working on staying together. Most recently, rumor has it the couple may stay together in order to benefit their three children. Recent physical proof seems to indicate that the two haven’t been able to reconcile, if it’s even in the works. Jennifer Garner not wearing her wedding ring is just the latest proof of her breakup moving forward.

[Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz]