‘Castle Crashers’ Free For Xbox One Owners Who Bought Game On Xbox 360

Castle Crashers from The Behemoth turned into a surprise LIVE Arcade hit for the Xbox 360 and is being remastered for the Xbox One. The developer announced Friday that Castle Crashers Remastered will arrive next week and existing owners are in for a treat.

Xbox One owners who purchased the original Castle Crashers on the Xbox 360 will receive the Castle Crashers Remastered for free when it launches on September 9 as long as they still have an Xbox LIVE Gold membership. This is a limited time offer, however, and will end on September 20.

While the free Castle Crashers Remastered will go away after September 20, The Behemoth will continue to offer a hefty discount for previous owners. Those that miss out on the free deal can still pick up the game for $5 as long as the original Castle Crashers is associated with their Xbox LIVE Gold account. It will cost $14.99 on the Xbox Store for everyone else.

Castle Crashers Remastered was originally announced during E3 in June. The Behemoth is giving the game a visual upgrade by replacing textures with more detailed versions that are five times the size of the original. Meanwhile, the framerate is being bumped from 30fps to 60fps.

Naturally, various other performance updates and gameplay tweaks are being performed under the hood to take advantage of knowledge and hardware gained over the past seven years for both local play and online play. A new multiplayer mini-game called Back Off Barbarian is also being added.

Back Off Barbarian is a simple but addicting mini-game where players move quickly using the D-Pad to avoid the enemies,” the developer explained in the original announcement. “As time passes, more enemies are added into the level and the players will find it harder to get around in the environment. Up to 4 players can be supported online or offline. Back Off Barbarian will only be available on the Remastered edition of Castle Crashers.”

Those content with the original Castle Crashers will still have the opportunity to play the game on the Xbox One. The title is being added to the list that is coming to the Xbox One backwards compatibility launch later this fall. Just be aware that none of the updates in the remastered version will be available in the original.

[Images via The Behemoth]