Young Thug Gets International Attention And New Fans On Tour

Young Thug Tour Coming

Young Thug continues to expand his fan base with a flurry of concerts across the United States, along with shows in Europe. It seems Young Thug’s enigmatic Atlanta flow can be appreciated on the other side of the Atlantic, as the indecipherable rapper is gaining traction worldwide.

A recent show in England shows that puzzling lyrics and scattershot flow don’t hurt. Not being totally understandable may actually help Young Thug expand. Neither fans in the United States, nor those in Europe seem to mind Young Thug’s unique approach to music making.

The Guardian gave a glimpse of how fans in the United Kingdom are taking to Young Thug.

“It’s the kind of show that ends with the visible imprint of a stranger’s soles on your trainers. Phones were held up, predictably, for the biggest track of the evening, ‘Danny Glover,’ and there was plenty of amicable shoving going on as the crowd sang along to ‘Check’ and ‘With That.'”

This feedback comes right after touring with Travis Scott. The previous tour had a reputation for being one of the wildest tours this year. The combination of Travis Scott and Young Thug reportedly created insane shows in which the energy did not dip for a moment. Currently, Young Thug is preparing for a new tour to begin next month. He’ll be supporting his first official album, titled Hy!£UN35. It will be his first headlining tour and will take him across the United States. Whether he can make an impact solo has yet to be seen.

Fader spoke about how a furious tour schedule helped Young Thug develop as an artist.

“The beauty of the Rodeo tour was that it brought Thug out of his shell as a performer. He took a lot of big strides. The biggest change I see in him is in his maturity level and the way he embraced his position as an artist. Doing the things make you a bigger artist—I’ve definitely seen that in him, compared to a lot of other artists that come out of Atlanta. Him going on the tour alone was a big step and a big sign of his understanding like, ‘I gotta get out there, I gotta go to cities and markets I’ve never been in. I gotta collab with other people.”

Young Thug’s Hy!£UN35 was scheduled for an August release, but it has since been pushed back to the end of September. Though, as is usual with Young Thug, nothing has been guaranteed.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for PUMA]