‘LawBreakers’ Shows Off Real Video From Upcoming Game, And It’s A Great PR Move

LawBreakers PC

In a world where most gamers are trained to not believe marketing from game companies, LawBreakers, the new game by Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, is bucking trends by actually showing gameplay straight from its fans. Revealed last week and playable at PAX Prime in Seattle, LawBreakers is a free-to-play first person shooter for PC where gravity is broken, as reported earlier last week by the Inquisitr.

LawBreakers on Twitter has been tweeting out the best moments from players enjoying LawBreakers on the show floor. Instead of giving fans who can’t be there pre-packaged, pre-rendered cutscenes emulating how gameplay would look, Bleszinski’s team at BossKey is giving fans unaltered access to some of the best action shots from PAX.

Giving fans unfettered access to real shots of the game actually allows players a real chance to see LawBreakers in action. While most other titles would be content to just show a brief gameplay trailer and possibly a few snippets of B-roll footage, LawBreakers is actually showing potential players some of the very real things they could do in game — because people are doing them already. Every shot in the above tweets are gameplay snippets from real people playing the game, not carefully curated packshots pre-rendered in a studio before being released to the public.

In doing so, LawBreakers is availing themselves to even the most critical of fans. Showing the actual game this early on is a concept lost in today’s gaming industry. Games in recent years have shown footage (a la Watch_Dogs) and the final game has looked drastically different than what was previously seen. LawBreakers is giving fans an actual glimpse at their game, and in doing so, is setting fan expectation: the game looks good, looks fast, and fluid.

Most importantly, though, we already know what LawBreakers looks and plays like, which is a great for fans everywhere. What do you think of LawBreakers and how it’s presenting the game at PAX? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via LawBreakers]