Hulk Hogan Says ‘WWE Is The Best’ Despite Contract Termination

Hulk Hogan WWE Superstar

Hulk Hogan was once the WWE’s most loved superstar, yet the sports entertainment organization has done its best to distance themselves from him. Now that possible racist comments made by Hulk Hogan on a 2007 sex tape have come to light, the WWE quickly cut all ties they had with him.

Not only did the organization terminate his contract in July, they deleted any references to him on their website and discontinued selling his merchandise. Now, a month later, Hulk Hogan spoke about the situation and is seemingly not mad about the WWE’s decision and is not quite ready to let go.

In a recent video interview with TMZ, Hogan had only nice things to say about the sports entertainment giant.

“WWE is the best. There’s no doubt.”

Later in the interview, he expressed his feelings towards the organization.

“I love those guys, man. That’s my family.”

As reported by the Washington Post, Hulk Hogan and his lawyer claim that he actually resigned from the WWE and was not terminated, as most believe. Hogan contends that his resignation was prompted by the pending investigation and a right-to-privacy lawsuit filed by his attorney.

However, this conflicts with the official WWE statement put out in late July, which officially ended the relationship with the superstar.

Also in late July, Hogan apologized for his comments made on the tape and added that they were “not acceptable.”

Regardless of the apology and several black wrestlers standing up for him, insisting Hulk Hogan is not a racist, the WWE chairman, Vince McMahon, still refuses to let him back in.

Even after Hulk Hogan’s recent positive comments towards the WWE, they have not shown any signs they feel the same way. The WWE has yet to change its mind and re-ignite the association.

Despite Hogan’s current broken relationship with sports entertainment, is there any possibility of him ever returning to the WWE ring? Listening to recent comments from Hogan, one would think so.

“The only hard feelings I’ll have for [WWE chief executive] Vince McMahon is when I get him back in the ring again. It’ll be a replay of WrestleMania 19.”

Don’t get your hopes up just yet. It is doubtful we will see “The Hulkster” in the ring, as currently, there are no plans for the WWE to bring him back. We will see if Hulk Hogan ever really returns to the ring.

Who knows? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hulk Hogan may end up on an upcoming presidential ticket.

During his time in the spotlight, Hulk Hogan was a hero to millions of wrestling fans worldwide. Now only time will tell if the legacy of Hulk Hogan will be clouded with the memory of racism and excommunication.

[Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images]