Jessa Duggar Says She And Ben Will Probably Adopt

Jessa Duggar said in a recent interview that while she and husband Ben want a big family, she doesn’t want to give birth to dozens of kids herself the way her mom did.

Jessa told Us Weekly that she and Ben will likely adopt after he joked that they want to have 20 kids to one-up the Duggars.

“Well, I’m not giving birth to that many, but we want to adopt,” Jessa said.

Jessa also made a seemingly pointed comment about fidelity and keeping a marriage strong, saying that the key to making things work for a long time is to think of the other person, no matter what your own desires may be.

“We all have selfishness in our hearts, it’s in our nature. But always thinking more about the other person and how we can make their life easier is important,” she said.

The comment comes after Jessa’s eldest brother, Josh, faced two back-to-back scandals in a matter of months. Josh first came under fire in May, when police reports were leaked online showing that when he was 14-years-old, he sexually molested several underage girls, two of whom were his sisters, Jessa and Jill. After resigning from his high-profile job at the Family Research Council and moving back to Arkansas with his family, his name was quickly discovered in the leaked user information in the Ashley Madison hacker attack, and he admitted that he had an account with the site, which connects married people who want to have an affair. Josh publicly apologized and was promptly reported as having checked into a long-term rehabilitation facility.

Jessa, like most of her family members, is now trying to come to terms with the fact that their successful reality show is no longer on the air after TLC booted it, and is reportedly booking several speaking gigs to earn extra income. However, the fallout from Josh Duggar’s indiscretions and abuse has continued to affect the family, and earned Jessa several protests when it was reported that she would be speaking at the recent Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I would bet that there will be many women coming to your event that have been sexually molested, how do you think they will feel about this girl who minimizes it and has been taught it is her fault. You seriously need to re-think who your paid guests are!” wrote a commenter on the Facebook page for the event.

Photo courtesy People